Looking to buy?

Welcome. Firstly, in case you didn’t already figure it out, we are not an estate agent. We are just here to put potential property buyers in contact with sellers.

We put buyers in contact with sellers

We are a free service used by private individuals to sell their property….people that want to avoid using an estate agent. We are not an estate agent and we are not a Rightmove or Zoopla type company.

It maybe that the occasional estate agent uploads a property to the site but in the most part we are shaking up the way things are done, helping people save money by putting buyers in touch with sellers. It’s what the internet was created for! Feel free to search for your next home via our various search options. We recommend you watch our short video on the best way to use the search facility on this website.

Communicate with sellers directly

If you see a property for sale and want more details or are interested in viewing the property, fill in you details in the ‘contact form’ below the property details and communicate directly with the seller/vendor.

Once you are in communication with the seller, that’s us done….we are not involved any further. So, if you arrange to view a property, it is very important to note that no representative of EAS will be there. Just like if you were going to meet any stranger – TAKE PRECAUTIONS! Don’t go to the property viewing alone! You don’t know this person and we do not security check our property vendors. We insist you read our viewing guidelines via the link below. Think safety first! We don’t want to be alarmist but there are a small minority weirdos in the world so read the viewing guidelines.

Looking to buy? Watch a video on how to use our property search software, which uses the Google maps system.

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