Find tenants for free!

Welcome. Firstly, in case you didn’t already figure it out, we are not an estate agent. We are just here to put potential tenants in contact with landlords.

Putting you in direct contact with potential tenants

We are a free service used by private individuals to rent out their property….people that want to avoid using an estate agent. We are not an estate agent and we are not a Rightmove or Zoopla type company.

What type of landlord would be interested in Estate Agents Suck (EAS)? First of all, it’s free service. What’s not to love about that! We think that any private landlord is a potential user of EAS. We are an estate agent alternative.

  • Are you on a budget?
  • Do you want to avoid using an estate agent to find a tenant?
  • Do you sometimes advertise in local newspapers?
  • Interested in renting a room in your house?
  • Advertise on local websites, gumtree or craigslist?
  • Do you manage everything about your property?

So how does this website work?

EAS is a DIY site. You create your own account, upload your property pictures, enter the required property information…address, rental amount, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Once you’ve done, click on ‘publish’ and that’s it. Yes, it’s that easy. It’s your very own small piece of cyberspace. There is a bit of preparation required as you’ll have to take some pictures (smart phone pictures are fine) of the property to upload to our website and you’ll have to type out the details for your property, so you’ll need to think of some blurb to enter but that’s no big deal. One tip is to use the information from the estate agent way back when you bought the property, or just use other listings for hints on how to describe the property.

Worried it might all be a bit techno for you? Fear not. We have help documents and video user guides to help you. The user experience and skill level is similar to selling something on ebay, so a bit more effort than creating posts on social media, by that we mean there are some drop down menus text fields to fill out.

Once published, your property will be live on our website and will have its own URL/web address like this –

The property can be found at our site via Google map, postcode, county or country….whatever search option the website visitor chooses. You’ll be able to see how many page views you’ve had via your own account. You can use your property web/URL link in other places, on other websites or even local newspapers if that is your thing. We don’t care, as long as you find a tenant.

If a visitor to our website is interested in your property, they are invited to enquire using the ‘contact form’ below your property details. All enquiries for your property are forwarded to you at the email address you registered on your account. Before enquires are forwarded, we filter for spam/junk, estate agents trying to get you to employ them, those companies trying to buy your house at 30% of the market value and any other crap enquiries we see. We don’t communicate with the person that has enquired and don’t have the time to Sherlock Holmes each enquiry, so there is the chance the odd ‘tyre kicker’ will get through.

That’s it…well that’s where our involvement ends. After the initial contact, we expect you to crack on and communicate directly with the person interested in renting your property…..all we do is facilitate the introduction. We don’t charge a fee, we don’t get commission.

Once your property is successfully let, log back in to your account and mark it as RENTED. Simple eh.

If you like the service, then we ask that you consider a donation. There is no obligation, it is not a fee. We have to pay for the upkeep of the site and keep the lights on, so a donation helps us keep the project going. Think of the money you have saved finding a tenant using our website.

Check out our latest promo video!

Listing your property on EAS is not hard but it does take some effort. Check out the process by watching the below video guide to the property listing creation process.

Watch a video on how to use our property search software, which uses the Google maps system.