Will you create my property for me?

Yep, no problem…happy to help. We’ll be asking for a donation in return for the effort. You can communicate with us at theteam@estateagentssuck.com and we’ll get the ball rolling.

What Countries to you operate in?

Currently we are only intending to list property sales and rentals in the UK & Ireland.

Can I list my overseas property?

Er, not just now. We only list properties in GBP currently.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes, not a problem. We cannot provide a VAT receipt currently. Just email us at theteam@estateagentssuck.com

I’m getting enquiries from people that are not legitimate prospective buyers/renters, what can I do?

If some ‘tyre kickers’ get through the filtering process or an estate agent pretends to be a prospective buyer, let us know the name and email address/contact details for the person so we can make sure they are blacklisted and nobody else is sent their enquiry in future.

I’m an estate agent and I hate you.

Sorry, haters back off.